The Department of Astronomy ( at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) invites applications for a number of postdoctoral positions to start in the fall of every year. USTC is among the few top-ranked universities in China and is committed to provide strong support for postdoctoral researchers. Successful applicants are expected to specialize in one of the following domains: cosmology, large-scale structure of the universe, galaxy formation and evolution, active galactic nuclei, gravitational-wave astronomy, star formation and the interstellar medium, high-energy astrophysics, extra-solar planets, astrochemistry, or astronomical instrumentation.
The annual salary for the first two years will be 200,000 RMB if a successful applicant holds a PhD from an institution ranked among top 100 globally in the QS world university rankings. Regular postdocs will receive an annual salary will be 140,000 RMB at minimum, up to 180,000 RMB. The university also provides generous benefits in medical insurance, an additional housing subsidy of 1,000 RMB per month, and benefits on children daycare. All successful applicants are encouraged to apply for the USTC Youth Innovation Research Fund (100,000 – 120,000 RMB with an application success rate of about 50%). Non-Chinese citizens are also encouraged to apply for the CAS-TWAS Fellowship (
Applicants of all nationalities are encouraged to apply. A Ph.D. degree in astronomy, physics or a related discipline is a prerequisite for commencing the position. Successful applicants will work with one or more of the faculty members listed on the above website. Applicants are encouraged to directly contact the faculty for more about the stipend, the research duties and specific requirements. The initial appointment is two years, but may be extended to up to 6 additional years (rank promoted to non-tenure Research Associate Professor) contingent on performance and funding. Tenure promotion to associate or full professor is possible for candidates with outstanding performance.
To apply, please prepare a CV/resume, a list of publications, a statement of research interests, and arrange for at least three letters of reference. All these documents are to be sent to Dr. Guilin Liu by email (, with the subject 'USTC Postdoc Application/Your Name'. The positions remain open until filled, but for full consideration, all application documents should arrive by March 15. For further inquiry, please reach (+86)-551-63606846.
Particularly, Prof. Junxian Wang & Yongquan Xue are full members of the Subaru PFS project ( They are able to support postdocs/research associates to participate in PFS as junior members in the coming years. Prof. Yi-Fu Cai, Wenjuan Fang, Wen Zhao are core members of the ongoing Ali CMB project and most welcome experts in the CMB data analysis to join their team.
Faculty EmailPersonal page Fields of interest
Liu,, AGN
Wang, Scale Structure, AGN, galaxies
Wang,, high redshift galaxies
AGN, black holes, galaxies
LSS, galaxies
Yuan, energy astrophysics
Cosmology, gravity waves
Zhao,, gravity waves
Quasars, galaxies
Interstellar medium, astronomical instruments